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 Hoi Hannelore!

Hoi Hannelore ! and other stories (Hoi Hannelore ! en ander verhale)

Hoi Hannelore! was the name of the illustrator’s studio-gallery for narrative art and picture book illustrations in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The name: Hoi means Hi in Dutch. Hannelore is a rather melodramatic name (almost Wagnerian) consisting of Hanne (Piet’s mother is named Hanna and his sister Hannelie) with the suffix lore referring to stories, narratives or folklore. The obscurity of the name of the gallery is intentional, confirming the idea that no picture or any other form of narrative could ever have just one meaning as meaning is brought to the narrative by the reader .

The gallery closed down due to the relocation to England. An e-galery by the same name is in the planning. It will be selling high quality prints as well as small original illustrations.

The artist is being represented by the following galleries in South Africa: Wine-Art Gallery in Clarens (www.artandwine.co.za), Stellenbosch Art Gallery in Stellenbosch (www.stellenboschartgallery.co.za) and Walker Bay Gallery in Hermanus (www.walkerbayartgallery.co.za).




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